Stop fraud bots fake sign-ups, leads, and account takeovers.

Risk Score

Identify & Stop Fraudsters

Connect your online service to our vetting engine and run over 250 tests in real-time to identify fraudsters, phishers, bots, thieves, spammers, and high-risk users before they do damage.

How Vetting Works


When a user clicks the submit button on your registration, purchasing, or account update page, send the data to our vetting service via a simple API call.


Our system analyzes the data and returns:
  Risk Scores
  Detailed Tagged Reasons


Based on risks, Take Action:

  Cancel registration
  Set service access limits
  Tag in CRM, assign for follow-up
  Respond with customized content
  Decline payment and cancel order

Testing, Reporting, and Analytics

The best way to manage risk is with a layered approach analyzing as many items as possible. Our service provides real-time reputation and risk assessments across ten areas using hundreds of test and tagging specific risk issues so you can take action quickly.   Learn more

Over 250 tests for risk including:

  • IP bots, worms, proxies, drones, TOR, blacklists, spam history, Geo-location
  • Email suspect, disposable, free, proper MX, reputation, history
  • domain registration, age, parked, for sale, HTTP headers, blacklists, suspended, name servers
  • phone validity, allocation in network, association with fraud
  • name fake or suspect, repeating patterns
  • location checking of country, city, state, and postalcodes
  • Geo-location distances between data points, country risk factors
  • frequency of data, phonetic repeating, consistency of data
  • device fingerprint reputation and activity for desktop and mobile
  • Millions of community records added from customers who share fraudsters information
  • ...and more. Plus all scoring can be customized to meet your business risk tolerance levels.

Customer Portal

Dashboard views and interactive charts empower your company to track risk levels and trends.

Monitor percent of high-risk users, how risk areas and threats are trending, frequency and activity risks, and provide feedback and data to the community.   Learn more

Risk Score

Over 250 tests on risk factors.

Vet Risk Example